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What do you consider art?

There’s so much art out in the world, but is it really art.  Here’s the definition of art “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture”.  Lets add some more though… photography, architecture, graffiti and digital art. Of course there are tons more than this though.

I do agree with the definition about it being an expression of human creativity.  I just think sometimes people will just consider art to be anything.  I can take my trash from my house and glue it on some poster board and call it art.  Someone else in this world would also think it is art, but is it.  It fits the definition of art right.

I have a photo here of one famous painter and his name is Jackson Pollock.  He was well known for throwing paint onto canvas.  Image below of one of his paintings. This is something any child can do and adult.  Do you consider this art? Don’t think i’m picking on this famous painter. I am just giving an example of what some people might think it’s art and some might not.  Why can’t I throw paint on canvas and become famous. Two things, 1. you really need to be different and have a HUGE following to get noticed along with rich people to buy your paintings.  2. For some reason in this society you have to be dead to really make millions off your own work. Clearly, I shouldn’t have to mention the famous names of some million dollar paintings or do I.

This is just one little section in paint of what is considered art. I’m just scratching the surface of what else might be thought of art.

I guess everyone sees art differently. How do you see it?


Should every designer have a certain title?

Many designers have their own opinion about this.  Some designers like to have a certain title and others don’t. For instance,  graphic designer, web designerweb developerprogrammercreative director and art director.  The reason being is that these titles will determine your salary.  In many cases in the job market when you are looking for a job you already have had some sort of  title.

Depending on your profession. Money/salary is always the top question.  Different job titles have different pay scales.  A graphic designer gets paid less than a web designer and a programmer gets paid more than both of them and so on.  So if your a bad ass and can do all or some of these positions.  Then make sure you give yourself the proper title or by going after the title that you want to be represented as when searching for that dream job. Work for yourself even better.  Give yourself the best and highest title you want.

Lets see what you think on this topic.  Do you care what title you are given when working for someone else? Even if the money is right.