The art and music showcase

So my wife and I went to this art and music showcase this past Friday.  I was really excited since I am into art and love to hear new music.  Since this show was at a bar.  It wasn’t your typical art show and it was the bars third time doing this.  What was nice though was that the bar is big along with a huge outdoor patio.  The patio was where most of the new and upcoming talented artist was set up.  The show consists of oil on canvas and acrylic paintshandmade jewelry, pottery, T-shirt design and designer clothing.  For the music the show had live bands playing inside of the bar and a live DJ mixing music out on the patio.  I loved the mixed music that the DJ was doing. Right up my alley.

I think the bar has a good idea about having this type of event.  It gives new upcoming artist a chance to express themselves and having other people see their work.  Plus, it gives the artist to sell their work and make some extra money.  We all know that it’s very hard to make a living being an artist.

The only bad thing I can say is since it is at a bar. You really are not going to get people to come and buy some of this artwork.  People come in and look around but really they are their to drink.  It’s Saturday night and you are in a Irish bar.  Really, the main reason we went was to support my college friend who I haven’t seen in 7 years.  She is a very talented illustrator  who is also a Graphic Designer.  She has never done this before and wanted to give it a try.  She enjoyed it but did not sell anything.

Art and Music Showcase


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