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Billboard Advertising

Ever since I started StingRay Graphics.  I have always thought to myself. When will I ever afford print advertising for my company.  It is so expensive and you can’t advertise just once.  You have to keep doing it over and over to get noticed.  I would love to do a billboard ad for my company.  Man, seeing that on 95 would be really cool. You couldn’t ask for a better place to start out with. The amount of cars that go by in a span of a day.  This is just one way of advertising.  There are so many other ways but lets just talk about this one for now.

I have a link  to another blog site talking about billboard advertising cost. – (Digital Billboard #1 – This board is on I-95 just south of Hallendale Blvd. Ad rotation: 6 advertisers. 9 second duration. Cost is $4500 net per display.)

So $4500 for a rotating ad every 9 sec while sharing the board with 8 other advertisers.  I assume this is a month to month price too.  Again, you can’t do it only one time. I would say at least 3 to 6 months if you are a new company trying to get your name out.  I’m looking at about $15000 to do a billboard.  Like I have that kind of money lying around. Oh wait, let me look under my mattress. Just looked and i found 50 cents. No not the rapper.  Maybe he can loan me the money though.  I’ll get him as a client.

Maybe I should start smaller like magazine ads. Yeah, that sounds good.  But for now I’ll stick with online ads for now.